Working with us

Our Process – ‘Concept to Completion’

Priority Projects are the ‘one stop’ shop for Project Managing design- build, fit outs or complete construction. 


Securing a site/premises

We offer guidance and consultation with clients to help locate a suitable site or premise, this may include providing estimate budgets to assist the lease or purchase process. Budget estimates provide a ball park figure for the likely cost of works. This is used solely as an indicative figure early on in the process, many clients use this for the purpose of securing finance and/or for feasibility studies.

Concept Design

Working in conjunction with specialist prominent Architects/Designers we take our clients requirements and dreams and provide a concept plan which may include internal and external layouts. Things to consider at this stage would include, use of existing equipment and furniture, requirement for future expansion, heating/cooling, toilet facilities to comply with building codes, all of which will be covered and explained as standard procedure.

Full Working Drawings

Upon acceptance of concepts plans, specifications and budget estimates, we can proceed to with full working drawings including all requirements to satisfy council authorities and regulatory parties. The working drawings will fill in all the blanks and give a real and true picture of what the finished environment will look like and its functionality.

If required, an application will be made for building consent and followed through until consent is issued.

Contractor Quotations/Tenders

Working drawings are then distributed to the appropriate trade contractors for fixed price quotations. In most cases multiple quotes are requested for each sub-trade.

Contract Administration & Documentation

Once all quotes are received we can then prepare a fixed price contractual agreement, including specifications for client approval and acceptance.

Should any variations to the contract be required once work has commenced, these will be documented and agreed by both parties in writing prior to proceeding with such work.

It is important for your records and ours that documentation is clear and concise. We use MYOB accounting for invoicing and each invoice will be accompanied by a detailed payment summary report.

Contractor Selection & Programme Schedule

Immediately after the contract is signed, we will appoint the selected contractors and confirm quotes in writing.

Contractors and sub-contractors will be selected on the following key criteria:

  • Job specific experience
  • Quotation pricing
  • Availability
  • Trusted relationships
  • Specialist finishes

A fixed programme schedule will be established and provided to our client, detailing each specific trade and a hand over date to the client. We are proud to have met every deadline to date.

Product Selection & Finishes

Most of the product selection and finishes will form part of the working drawings process and ideally these will need to be finalised prior to work commencing.

Most of the Designers we use offer an interior design service as part of the overall package, and we also provide guidance in this key area. Colour schemes, soft furnishings, equipment, furniture, lighting etc create the feel and ambiance within the workspace of your staff and clients, and we understand the importance of creating a fantastic environment that people really WANT to work in.

Project Management & On-Site Construction Management

We take a hands-on approach to project & construction management, this usually involves the assigned Project Manager visiting site each day once work is under way.

Daily site visits ensures a consistency of quality, timelines are adhered to, ability to resolve any unforeseen issues immediately, and that accurate and relevant information is communicated with clients on a daily basis, if needed.

Our clients have one point of contact to help guide them through all stages of the design build process, this will make the experience both smooth and enjoyable.

Site Meetings

We are always keen for our clients to be kept in touch with progress on site, and, where possible we like to setup weekly on-site meetings.

This process helps the flow of communication, and also allows everyone to be part of what we consider an exciting experience. If there are any issues or changes that need to be addressed that require specific detail, this is the ideal time to discuss this.

Health & Safety

It is vitally important to us to provide a safe working environment for everyone who will be on-site.

HazardCo are our partners for Health and Safety and Hazard Management. We provide a comprehensive Health and Safety site specific package for each project, everyone working or visiting the site must go through the site induction process.